We’re Martinborough glass artists Jim Dennison and Leanne Williams.

We call ourselves the Crystal Chain Gang because we work with a transformative and beautiful material known as lead crystal and because our approach to glassmaking so often requires damn hard graft.

For more than a decade, we’ve been making objects, we hope, will make onlookers feel, think and appreciate the world in a different way.

Our critics say our work is part art, part design and part craft. We say it’s simply our imaginative take on the world. It’s our goal to make objects that are at the same time exotic and local, that speak of today and times past and that take you on a journey by reinventing what you expect to see and experience through the medium of glass.

We’ve won awards and fellowships for our work. We’ve had our work selected for major glass exhibitions at home and overseas. You’ll find Crystal Chain Gang in the Ebeltoft Museum in Denmark, the Museum of Glass in the United States and in New Zealand’s own Te Papa Tongarewa. We’re proud to have work in these places and it’s our ambition to showcase what we do further afield and to keep growing the Crystal Chain Gang’s body of work. Over the past 12 years we have focussed our attention on making chandeliers.  These chandeliers have found themselves in both commercial and domestic settings, throughout New Zealand and Australia. We are proud to be 100% New Zealand made, and equally proud of our relationships with our clients as we design and make their chandeliers specific for their environment. We are driven to making glass treasures that are jewels and remain truly unique objects within our clients lives for years to come.

We welcome all enquiries, weather big or small,   we make bespoke jewels for you.

Welcome aboard.

The Gang

Leanne Williams and Jim Dennison

email.      salesccg@crystalchaingang.co.nz
ph. +64 6 3069993   Cell. 0211432144